Toastmaster Bread Machine Review – Is This the Best Bread Maker?

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Are you considering buying a Toastmaster bread maker? There’s a vast choice of bread machines out there. If you’re like me, too many options can be overwhelming. Sometimes, I just give up and choose the most beautiful item.

Needless to say, it often leads to disappointment. Buying a bread maker is not like buying a house or a car, but you should think twice before you purchase one. Making a smart choice will result in years of enjoying fresh, tasty bread. And a hasty decision can add another item to your household that you never really use.

If you consider buying a Toastmaster bread machine, you’re in the right place. In this in-depth review, I will show you all the important facts before you make your decision.

Do You Need a Bread Machine at All?

Not too many things have changed my life as much as my first bread maker. Yes, I know it’s an overstatement but I really love bread and adore the smell of freshly baked bread. So, maybe it didn’t really change my life but it most certainly changed my mornings.

And if we disregard my love for bread, there are a couple of impartial reasons for everyone to consider baking bread at home. It’s healthier, you know exactly what you eat, you can have a fresh loaf whenever you want it.

Plus, you don’t need funky preservatives, and you can customize it to your taste. Also, it should be much tastier and more nutritious, but that depends on the recipes and flour you use. Oh, it will also cost you less.

What About the Brand?

Some people think that brands are overrated. They say that branded products are more expensive even if they are not better than small brand products. This might be true for some niche and prestigious brands whose customers actually enjoy buying high-price products.

However, when it comes to any kind of machine, the brand is everything. Simply, if the product is not a recognized status symbol, manufacturers have to offer quality that matches the price tag. Of course, there are always some exceptions, but generally, that’s the way it goes.

Company Overview

Toastmaster’s is an old company founded in 1921. They have created one of the first automatic electric toasters for domestic use. Almost a hundred-year experience promises that they probably know what they are doing. They have been the leaders in the toaster making industry for decades.

However, growing competition and new successful companies made them evolve. By the 1970’s they were producing toasters, bread makers, blenders, coffeemakers, convection ovens, charbroilers, and smokers. The company went public in 1992. It changed hands several times through a series of acquisitions.

Today, it is a part of The Middleby Corporation, one of the leading companies in the commercial cooking equipment industry. So, the company has a long tradition and reputation.

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Toastmaster Bread Maker TBR 15

While their main focus is on commercial and industrial equipment, Toastmaster still produces a couple of bread machines for home use.

As the company name suggests, they are best recognized for their toasters. But, you need a slice of bread to toast it. So, they make a couple of bread making machines as well.

Toastmaster TBR 15 1-½ Pound bread maker is among their best-selling bread machines. So, I’ll show you what this machine is capable of.

What About the Price?

It is affordable even though there are some other cheaper bread makers. This bread maker doesn’t come with bells and whistles. It is a pretty simple machine designed to bake perfect bread fast and easy.

Or, to be more precise, it’s designed to bake almost perfect bread. (Is there such a thing as a perfect bread at all? I know many a baker would say no!)

Horizontal Bread Pan

This breadmaker has a horizontal bread pan.

This is sort of unexpected and usually you will see this only in more expensive bread making machines. While the shape of the loaf is not the most important thing, horizontal bread makers bake better-looking conventional loaves.

Usually, horizontal bread makers have two kneading paddles, but this one has only one. As a result, mixing is not as efficient and sometimes you need to intervene and scrape the extra flour with a spoon.


Toastmaster TBR15 offers 8 settings to choose from. These are basic, French, whole wheat, sweets, dough, quick bread, and bake only. It’s not a wide variety of options, but it should suffice. As I have said, this is a pretty simple model, it doesn’t make jam or butter or anything other than these couple of bread loaves.

There’s no gluten-free setting, which might be a problem for gluten-sensitive people. Just so you know if you’re one of them!

There are also three standard crust settings: light, medium, and dark. However, even with the light setting, the crust gets pretty brown. If you like your crust to be lighter, you can overcome this by shortening bake time to 50 minutes. Some users reported that they avoided browning by using dough or sweet settings.

Other Features of Toastmaster Bread Machine

Toastmaster bread maker has an LCD control panel that is pretty easy to use. The extra-large viewing window is another nice feature. It allows you to see what’s going on in there. It is very convenient, especially when you try new recipes.

There’s also a 13-hour delay timer to ‘order’ your bread in advance. The one-hour keep-warm function is also convenient.


What We Like and Don’t Like About This Machine


  1. It bakes nice bread.
  2. It is affordable.
  3. Horizontal bread pan for good looks.
  4. It is durable.


  • Mixing problems. It’s not really a problem, but you need to do an extra step to remove unmixed dough.
  • Top window issues. Some users reported warped top and heat leakage.
  • No gluten-free option.
  • A limited number of options, overall.


Choosing the best bread maker (check out our recommendations) is not an easy task. It depends on your budget and your preferences. Toastmaster has a long history and tradition. It is a company recognized for the quality of its products.

However, when it comes to bread makers, they don’t belong to the top echelon of home bread machines. After all, it is not the focus of their business. Nevertheless, their bread makers produce pretty decent bread and that’s the most important thing.

What We Think About This Breadmaker: Don’t Judge the Book by Its… Price

Toastmaster’s bread makers are affordable and should be judged accordingly. They come with a couple of flaws and limitations, but with a little bit of extra effort, you will make excellent bread consistently.

If you’re really finicky about your bread and want a variety of options then you should look for some more delicate and sophisticated models.

But if you want an affordable, durable, and consistent bread machine for two or three people, Toastmaster bread maker might be the right choice for you.