Baking on a Budget? Best Inexpensive Bread Machines You Can Get Right Now

Best Bread Makers

(Updated December 2019)

Are you on the hunt for a bread machine that’s not only stylish but affordable? Here is two viable options for a bread machine with various functions and two differing designs.

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881

The Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881 2 lb. Bread Machine is a viable option for when you’re on a budget.

At first glance: The HomeBaker 29881 in the color of white is sleek and even prior to checking the dimensions, it’s clear it will fit easily on a countertop without taking up too much space.

The control buttons are easily visible with concise functions for each. Additionally, there is a list near the top right of the machine that shows various options for use.

The viewing screen at the top of the unit is semi-circular in shape, providing a little bit of flair compared to your run-of-the-mill bread machine.

The dimensions are 12.01 by 15.28 by 11.032.

inexpensive bread machines

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The HomeBaker 29881 has twelve various cycles. The cycles include basic, quick bread, sweet, whole grain, 1.5-pound express, 2-pound express, dough, jam, cake, bake, French, and even a gluten-free cycle.

This product features light, medium and dark crust settings, which is a plus two-fold: It is convenient for a family with picky eaters, and it offers the opportunity to create variations of the same bread with different crusts based on style preferences.

The HomeBaker 29881 has a delay timer, allowing for the addition of ingredients at say, 8 a.m., and allowing the machine to begin the baking process at say noon.

Including a non-stick pan for cleanup that is dishwasher safe, there is an extra kneading paddle included when purchased. This feature will allow you to make another loaf of bread while the other paddle is being washed.

The manufacturer claims that the product is perfect for the dough to prepare for pizza or rolls. It also is said that the machine makes homemade bread without preservatives or trans fats.

There will be an audible reminder for the baker to add fruits and nuts if the recipe requires such.


The HomeBaker 29881 includes (according to the Hamilton Beach website), that whole-grain and gluten-free recipes with the purchase of the product. This is something that many who prefer both baking and consuming those items might enjoy. While this perk is not stated on the product, if it is indeed something that comes with the product, it would be a selling point.


If you are looking for a machine on a super-tight budget, this might not be the cheapest of the cheap machines.

Breadman TR520

The Breadman TR520 Bread Maker for 1, 1 1/2, and 2-Pound Loaves with a cream accent is another choice for someone in search of a quality bread machine while on a budget.

At first glance: Upon seeing the product, it looks as though it would bright up the kitchen in just the right way, as making bread is something often done to pair with comfort foods. Who would want a bulky, unattractive machine on their counter while making some homemade bread to go with your great grandmother’s homemade pasta dish?

The cream-colored control panel is a push button control with a digital display.

The viewing window at the top not only will assist you while the bread rises, but could also be a fun feature for little tikes in the kitchen who want to help out with holiday meals or special occasions.

The slim size and dimensions make it easy enough to store on the counter if desired or could fit easily in a cabinet or pantry for a stowaway option.

The product measures 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches by 12.25 inches and is a mere two pounds in weight.

breadman bread maker

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The Breadman TR520 is only two pounds but is capable of making two-pound loaves of bread.

Offering three crust shades, The Breadman TR520 proves to be versatile. Does dad like his bread darker? No problem with The Breadman TR520. Grandma prefers a light crust so that it is easier to chew? That’s no issue either, the machine can make what is desired.

There are eight separate functions for bread and doughs with this machine.

The Breadman TR520 comes with the non-stick baking pan and a removable lid. The non-stick feature is great when not only cooking but also when cleaning after baking.

When you’re making a recipe that requires fruits and/or nuts, there is a signal bell that will go off when it is time to add those ingredients. This makes the process easier regardless of whether you’re young and spunky or elderly and slightly forgetful.

This product can make the basics usually required of a bread machine: pizza dough, pasta dough, and sandwich bread. In addition to those staples, it can handle just about any favorite recipe.

Other delicious treats that The Breadman TR520 can make include (but are not limited to): Focaccia bread, cinnamon raisin bread, honey wheat, cranberry oat, rye (with seeds), onion, and French bread. It features a 13-hour delay timer.

What’s handy, is that bread can be baked from scratch, or you can feel free to use mixes inside the machine.


The Breadman TR520 comes with one year limited warranty when purchased from Amazon. The site boasts that the product is easy-opening.


Unfortunately, as many would like, The Breadman TR520 does not come with sample recipes in the box, or sample mixes to attempt to try. While suggestions are linked on the Amazon location, some would prefer the “one-stop-shop” feature of either an accompanying cook booklet or pamphlet, or at least one sample mix to try – for you out there eager to get baking.

Bottom line:

After careful review, the best bang-for-your-buck bread machine would have to be The Breadman TR520. In terms of design, it pales in comparison to The HomeBaker 29881, but for the price, it’s just what you would need. It has slight flair, all the functions one would need to make almost any bread. Since it’s unclear if either product comes with a cookbook or any sample mixes, that was not factored into the bottom line. The Breadman TR520 seems to have any feature you would need whether you’re trying to make your first loaf or you have been at it for a year. It would fit nicely on the countertop for frequent use. The lower price than The HomeBaker 29881 also played a role in the bottom line.